Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Makeup Haul!

It has been a while since I have made a post regarding me buying makeup which is most probably a really good thing! Well mainly for my wallet, I on the other hand have been missing makeup shopping a lot! I know while in Japan I have the great opportunity to try new and exciting brands, but to be honest none of the brands that I'm interested are sold near me. Also some of the more popular brands are ones that are already readily available back home. Mildly defeats the point which sucks, I have honestly been more interested in skin care! But I will be making a post about that at a later date (but am working on it).

So, the big question! What exactly did I buy recently to make me write a post?


Some products will be easily identified (the M.A.C. products) while others are all new and super exciting!!

First off I will talk about the face masks, because lets face it, these are a huge part of skin care in Japan, I can find face masks everywhere, all doing crazy and wonderful things! Also sometimes you can buy face masks with crazy faces on them! The one of the right is exactly that! When I use this I will have to remember to take a photo, because the design on the front will be on the sheet! I also find it interesting that I can buy packs like the one of the left. There is only one package but there are 7 sheets inside! This was the cheaper of the two at around 350 yen which is crazy cheap for face masks!

Next up are some of the products that I was the most excited for, and then slightly confused and saddened by. Now it is no secret that I am a HUGE Sailor Moon fan, and while in Japan I have been on the look out for the Sailor Moon themed makeup! Here are some that I have so far picked up (I'm on the hunt for a powder that is going to be released soon as well!) Two of these came together, which was the green one at the back and the one liner with the pink on pink packaging. The green packing is meant to represent Sailor Jupiter (her symbol is even on the right hand side of the packaging) and as one would expect it is a green liner! Though it is a little different because it is a liquid liner with glitter/shimmer. Although when I first opened this it took me AGES to get the product to the right consistency which at first was very worrying. I have yet to try this on but I am def excited to see how it turns out! The product this came with is kind of a disappointment. It is meant to be a black liner, it is def not a black that I am used to. I don't know how I am going to go with this.

EDIT: (I wrote this post a while ago and so need to add this in. I have since stored all of the liners upside-down for the past week and again tried swatching this on the back of my hand. It is now as black and beautiful as I hoped and expected it to be. I will honestly now most likely go and pick up a backup for collecting purposes as I think I am going to be in love with this liner!)

Next is the last Sailor Moon product, which I am thankfully super excited about! Admittedly I misinterpreted the packaging (I didn't actually READ what was written) and thought this was going to be a white eyeliner, turned out it was brown! Oh well I have been interested in trying a brown liner and from swatching it on my hand it looks promising!

The last product is a 24 hours liner that is also meant to be water proof! A friend said she wanted to try it and I was also interested, so I picked it up and am going to test it out! Thankfully this is a lovely black liner with a SUPER sharp tip which I'm excited about. I feel like this will be great for detail work, I also happen to like a thin line for liner which works out great!

Here are the swatches for the above products, the appear in the order that I talked about them above. As you can see the one second from the right isn't really what you would expect a black liner to be like. I was really upset but I will most prob use this more as a collector piece. (Again the Sailor Moon black liner is now preforming properly! It is now as black as the swatch on the far left thankfully!)

Next up are the M.A.C. products that I was most excited about getting! I haven't gotten anything from M.A.C. in a while even though I have def wanted to because I have been missing using them in my routine. But when I saw that this collection had hit Japan I knew that I wanted something (for the packaging) but I wasn't really sure what I wanted. At first I nothing really jumped out at me but the second time I found some products that I knew I would enjoy.

First up is my first lipglass and I'm super excited. This is a beautiful berry and I am excited to have this in my collection. This is nice on the lips and so far has not bled on me! I am looking forward to being able to wear this on the cloudier days and then also winter next year! (as I miss out this year) This is the shade Hot/ Cold, something I find really interesting is that this is the exact same as the America packaging, it literally just has stickers with Japanese writing and info slapped on the top. I kinda wanted to take off the sticker but didn't want to ruin the packaging!

Here is what Hot/ Cold looks like on me, Sorry the lighting isn't great but this was late at night with artificial lighting. I love how pigmented this is and how easy it is to apply! I am excited to wear this more and am very glad I picked this up. One thing to note is that this was a lot cheaper for me to buy in Japan than back home.

Next up is Steam Heat, another beautiful red to add to my red lip addiction. This is a beautiful blue toned red. I think I will def be getting a lot of wear out of this shade because it is so vibrant and beautiful. I think this is a satin finish, it doesn't really tell me on the bottom like the English packaging does. It def feels like a finish as its lovely and creamy on the lips.

And of course here is the swatch on my lips. I def love this colour and I am so glad that I went and picked it up! I was again glad that this was cheaper than back home! Just looked on the M.A.C. AU site and its $40! Crazy!

Now this is something totally new to me and something that I have so far only tried on the back of my hand in store. This is a product that helps get rid of the dead layer of skin cells that sit on top of your skin. I tried this in the store and it did kinda freak me out, but it totally got rid of every thing that was on the back of my hand and left it looking amazing! I am super excited to try this on my face, it does feel super weird though. I am gonna have to be brave for that part!

Lastly is this travel size of face wipes that I bought to put this in my bag for who knows what might happen. These are AMAZING! I had opened these up on the train home because I was testing the liquid liners that I talked about above. Literally when I wipped this over my hand, me and my friend both went 'oooooh!' because it got rid of EVERYTHING in ONE SWIPE! WHHAAATTT?? I will def be picking up more of these before I leave so I can keep them on me, these will be amazing when I am flying home as I will have an 6-7 hour stop over! These were incredible! These did have a mildly strong scent but nothing offence so that is the main thing. These were also roughly 250 yen for 10 sheets.


Well that's all this time!
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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Everyday Makeup

Hey! So I thought it would be a good idea to show what the makeup in my May favourites actually looked like on my face! Like I said in that post these are products that I used either daily or so often it was actually a bit crazy.

So first off is a close up of the eye look!

So here is an up close (and kinda scary) picture of my eye look! I am not super confident with liner so that's why I haven't winged it out or something like that. The mascara that I am currently using is the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and I'm really enjoying that! This is a really simple look and something that takes no time at all to do! I was running late the other day and my full face took me 10 mins! (and I still made it on time to class!)

So here is both eyes done. All that is going on here is the Inglot Eyeliner Gel in #94 with Shiro Cosmetics pigment in Extermination (from the Fullmetal Alchemist Collection) over top. To blend the shadow a little I used a brush that had a bit of Naked from the Urban Decay palette. This just finished of the look and blended everything out nicely. Again its super simple! Just place the pigment all of the lid, add eyeliner and mascara and bam! You're done!

Here is a full face shot, in this photo you can't really see the shadow but that is okay, you can see the over all appearance of the look and that is more what I was trying to achieve in this photo!

Last photo is me trying to look down and get a good shot of the eye look with the rest of my face! I feel that this looks like I have put in a bit more effort than I actually have and I really love it! This is simple and easy to change up. All you would have to do is change the shadow/ pigment and it gives a completely different feel while still being super simple!

All Products used:
Primer: Lorac Eyeshadow Primer
Base: Inglot Eyeliner Gel in #94
Eyeshadow: Shiro Cosmetics Pigment in Extermination with Naked by Urban Decay in the crease Urban Decay Naked Review)
Eyeliner: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner;
Mascara: Top: Too Faced Better Than Sex. Bottom: Maybelline New York Great Lash
Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Taupe (Review)

Primer: Korres Anti-Ageing Primer (Review)
Foundation: Make Up Forever HD Foundation in N115 (????)
Concealer: Under eye: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla, Red spots: Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer in Light 01
Concealer Setting Power: Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder
Powder: NARS Translucent Crystal Loose (Review)
Bronzer: Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer
Blush: Hourglass Incandescent Light (from the limited edition blush palette)
Highlighter: M.A.C. Beauty Power in Summer Opal (From the Bao Bao Wan Collection)
Setting Spray: Kat Von D Lock It Setting Spray

LIPSTICK: M.A.C. Girl About Town

So that's it! Super easy and super quick, this has been my go to look and uses most of the products listed in my May Favourites so if you're interested in so more detailed thoughts head on over there and have a look!

I honestly love these products and use them constantly, I am almost running out of some and that makes me really sad as I don't know where I will be able to repurchase them again!

Please let me know if you do anything similar to this and what tips you might have to a speedy makeup application in the morning!


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See you next time!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

First Makeup Look!

So, while sitting in my room I decided to mess around with some of the shadows that I have, I am not normally someone that just plays around but I was just in the mood to have some fun!

In this look I only have eye shadow and brows on as it was late at night and just before going to bed so please don't judge my skin to harshly! All of the shadows I used were pigments that I bought off of the internet by some brands that I really enjoy! If you're in the market for some new pigments I def suggest giving these brands a look!

This is what I was working with before I put on mascara or anything else, all of the shadows here contain blue somewhere. It is kind of hard to see in this photo but there are three different colours used. The inner corner highlight, the main colour and then a darker colour in the outer corner. These are all colours that I have used of varying regularity due to their colour.

Here is a better look at all the different colours on my eyes. It is easier to see in this photo the darker blue in the outer corner. This is a colour that I wear most likely the most regularly. Sadly this photo does not give this pigment the justice it deserves as it is a super pigmented and sparkly colour. It is one of my favourite colours! As you can see I am now wearing mascara and a little bit of eyeliner just to mildly finish the look. I was going to do more but was actually asked to go out with a friend so had to quickly finish and make myself presentable haha.

This is what it looked like on both eyes! Again I am only wearing the eye shadow and have product in my brows so please don't mind my super shinny skin! I love how this turned out so much! This went a lot better then I was expecting and I will def be wearing this out and about properly in the future!

This is a super easy look to achieve. I only used three colours and they were Moon Prism Power (inner corner) and Aurora Borealis (outer conrer) and both of these are made by Shiro Cosmetics and the main colour in the middle is Sailor Saturn (Hotaru) by Victorian Disco Cosmetics.

Both of these brands listed are located in America and ship internationally! I love these shades so much and if you think you would like to try them I suggest you do! Both Shiro Cosmetics and Victorian Disco cosmetics can be purchased through the Shiro Cosmetics website.

Well, this is the end of this post! I hope you liked this look and let me know if you do something similar or something you think I should change!

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

May Favourites

Another month done and dusted, so that means its time for all the monthly favourite posts to pop up in the beauty community. I didn't have to many favourites this month but there were a few products that def received a lot of love this month!

These are my favourites for the month! Not a huge amount of variety but these truly have been some staple items used throughout the month. The items from top to bottom and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, M.A.C. Mineralized Foundation, Korress Anti-Ageing Primer, Shiro Cosmetics eye shadow pigments in Master Sword, Extermination and finally Inglot Eyeliner Gel in #94.

First off the Anastasia Brow Wiz is a product that I have already raved about in this review. The reason I love this product is because it is so easy to use. It's also super easy to fix a mistake if you stuff up, which is a huge bonus as someone who is still developing a brow game. This is the shade Taupe and I find that  this matches my brows well, it is most prob a little dark but with the rest of my face done it doesn't look out of place at all! I honestly use this every time I put makeup on!

Next up is a product that I had gotten in the month of May, I was looking for a new foundation as I was a little sick of the ones I was using, a friend where loves M.A.C. and said I should try a foundation. I have always been interested and so far things have been good! This is my first time trying a powder foundation and I am super impressed! I will def be looking into more in the future and am glad that this is a part of my collection! I have only been wearing this since I got it!

Next up is the Korress Anti-ageing primer, which I have just recently written ta-da. I am finding that this has been really helping my makeup last throughout the day and I am so happy! This was a Sephora 100 point perk so that is why it is small, but don't worry this sample has been lasting me sooooo long!!

Next are the pigments by Shiro Cosmetics, I don't think I have talked about these before, but I honestly love these shadows, they are such beautiful colours. I have usually been putting these over the Inglot Eyeliner Gel in #94. by doing this it helps makes the pigments more noticeable and stronger as they can be a bit sheer. I have been wearing this for an everyday look and I feel it looks great and is super simple. Which means if I'm running late this saves me time and still looks like I'm pretty well put together!

So this is my monthly favourites for the month of May! I has so much fun last month doing so many things and having a great time!

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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Korres Anti-ageing Primer - Review

So while away in Japan, I haven't really had access to some of the products that I would normally use, or would like to be able to buy; so, at the same time that I bought the Tangle Teezer, I also used some of my Sephora points and got the Korres Anti-ageing Primer, which was a 100 point perk.

I was really excited when this came as I had already bought a cheap primer that had broken me out and the other one I bought with me was running out. Once I saw this as a perk I knew I had to get it, I was a bit worried though about it breaking me out though. So glad to say that it doesn't!!

On the back it has description of: Instantly smoothes wrinkles and provides an even skin surface, ensuring long-lasting make-up application.

I didn't even really look at the back honestly, I was just more excited for the fact that I was trying a new primer haha. This product has a really nice consistency, its not thick and it isn't watery which I'm really thankful for. I am also enjoying this because it's hot in Japan at the moment so having a thinner primer is refreshing because it means I'm not pilling lots of make-up on my face. This product is an off white, but it doesn't affect your skin colour at all so don't be worried about that!

The smell of this is a little interesting but after applying you can't smell it anymore so it's not a problem. Another bonus is that you don't need a lot of product, so this little sample has actually been lasting me for a fair while and I will def be sad when it finally runs out. This product def helps with making my make-up last longer throughout the day. Even with me sweating buckets sometimes my make-up still looks good by the end of the day!

I don't have a lot of foundations with me to try this out with but what I have been using has worked extremely well together! I will def be trying to get this again in the future!

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz - Review


Another cult product up for review today! This is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, and I use the shade taupe.

Here is a shot of what the Brow Wiz, not gonna lie I did think it was gonna be a lot bigger when I got it. From videos I had seen online I did think that the packaging was more bulky, so I am glad to see that this is not he case as this makes it easier to travel with!

One on end of the product is the a small brush, I don't use this very often because I don't really have unruly brows. I have used it a few times though, that's why it is looking a little bit dirty.

On the other side is the actual product, when I first looked at the colour in store I didn't think that it would really suite me, but after putting it on I fell in love, it is a little darker then my natural colour, but when I have a full face of makeup on it doesn't look odd at all.

This is a product that is super easy to work with and because of the fine point it makes it really easy to fill in your brows. I have also found that if you accidentally draw outside of the lines its super easy to just wipe the colour away and then blend your foundation back in.

I have found that this product easily lasts all day and I love it for that, I remember thinking that this would be super expensive when I went to purchase this. But it only cost $21 USD, which is most likely a lot for American's but I thought that this was a pretty good price, seeing as everything is really expensive back home.

There isn't a lot of product in here, there isn't even 1g of product. But so far I am finding that it is lasting a while. I will be able to update with how long this product lasts for with daily use once I have finished it up!

$21 USD Sephora
$38 AUD Rouche Boutique (Don't know where else it's available in Australia, this is just a site I know of)

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Friday, 22 May 2015

NYX Intense Butter Gloss - Review

So, a little while ago there was a huge hype about the new NYX Intense Butter Glosses, since then I have heard barely anything about them, and I think I know why!

This will not be a glowing review of this product so if you are looking for that please move on to the next review. The two shades that I bought were Spice Cake (left) and Apple Crisp (right).

To start this off is a picture of the packaging, it looks very similar to the Butter Gloss packaging which is nice, because its a simple packaging that makes it easy to find in a collection and also which brand the product belongs to.  Another nice this is that the colour of the product is clearly displayed on the outside, so one doesn't have to look at the bottom for an idea at the shade. Having the black top also helps distinguish it from the original Butter Gloss line.

The applicators for this product are a flat paddle, which I like, because this makes it easier for me to cover my bottom lip and also get a nice point for the top lip. I haven't had a lot of experience with this type of applicator, but I do like it so that is a plus!

 The pigmentation on these are incredible, and I believe this is why they were so hyped when they were first released. There is no denying that these are beautiful colours. This is the reason why I bought them, because I knew that I would get a lot of use out of these and would love them to bits.


They didn't bleed HORRIBLY!!! This is why I think they died out pretty quickly. I have not tried both shades because I am honestly nervous about it. I wore Spice Cake and it started bleeding on me super quickly, which then got worse as it started to fade and then me trying to fix it. I needed this to last all day and it didn't. I ended up feeling incredibly conscious of the way that my lips looked. This is not something that I want when I wear a both colour like this! I might try the red in the near future, but it will be on a day where I do not intend to leave my room so I can watch and see how it preforms.

Although I LOVE the original Butter Gloss formula I DO NOT like these at all. If you do not have any trouble with bleeding lipsticks then you might really enjoy this product, as they are comfortable on the lips, a drug store product and also super pigmented.

If you do have problems with products bleeding, I wouldn't go near this product, which makes me sad as I was super excited to have these, and collect these in the future. I am glad to see though that the hype for these died pretty quickly so I feel like not a lot of people have gone out and purchased too many.

If you had a different experience please let me know in the comments below!

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